Thoughts from Israel King David

The Paradox of Man by Israel David

What a paradox is man. He who thinks with logic, speaks with power,
breathes love, and performs acts of hate simultaneously. What a
wondrous being, he who cares for his brother. What a monster who kills
for power, lies and manipulates with his tongue. What mighty fortitude
lies within a man, while deep within his consciousness doubt stirs up
a fire. The flame vivaciously burns bright when face to face with
adversity and evidently trembles and vanishes when he becomes
triumphant. Oh, what a lovely being.

In awe I gaze at the devastation of life man can bring to this land,
the womb out of which he came and drew his first breath. He claims the
authority to name the stars after himself. What arrogance, perversion,
and deceit man can bring. May God have mercy.

The despair of the dejected, imperfect being longing for perfection.
He desires knowledge, yet attempts to obliterate truth. What a paradox
is man who disintegrates his connection with the intangible in a mad
frenzy for progress. Lost inside of a labyrinth, he proclaims he has
found the way out, but in utter desperation finds himself only deeper
with no where to go.

Despite his aggressive behaviour, he is a loving being. What immense
joy he finds in the creatures of the earth. May God be pleased. He is
compassionate almost to a fault when empathy plucks the strings of his
heart and love overflows to its passionate, lullabying rhythm. What
ecstatic pleasure overcomes a man who witnesses the seed he plants
bear fruit and harvest. Oh, what a beauteous being.

T Golden note- this poem is by my nephew Israel David who is a very talented young man. Love this young guy and all my nephews. I just wanted to share one of his many talents!! Hope y’all enjoy!!


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